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The Native Wellness AssessmentTM (NWATM) is the first instrument of its kind which measures the effect of cultural interventions on a person’s wellness, from a whole person and strengths-based perspective. It is statistically and psychometrically validated as a reliable measure of change in wellness over time, across all genders, age groups, and cultures. The Thunderbird Partnership Foundation provides the NWATM to communities, organizations and treatment centres that provide Indigenous culturally-based programs and services to measure the impact of culture on wellness.

The assessment is a product of the Honouring Our Strengths: Indigenous Culture as Intervention in Addictions Treatment (CasI) research project developed by a team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers from across Canada, Elders, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, cultural practitioners, service providers, and decision makers. For more on the CasI project, click below:

CasI Project