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Video Innovations in Human Flourishing

With this 15-minute introductory video, journalist Richard Sergay kicks off his latest documentary series on Human Flourishing, and what it means to an array of global luminaries in fields including psychology, medicine, spirituality, and the arts. Watch

November 18, 2021
Article Video Webinars Website Infant Mental Health Promotion

Infant Mental Health Promotion (IMHP) is a coalition of individuals and professional representatives from agencies concerned with infants and their families. IMHP is dedicated to promoting optimal mental health outcomes for infants through developing and supporting best practices through education…

November 25, 2019
Video Journey Home

The Native Counselling Services of Alberta have recently released this video which explores healing Indigenous children in the Canadian child welfare system. The documentary highlights community approaches to ensuring children are meaningfully connected to their culture, community and identity. Documentary

November 21, 2019
Newsletter Video Addressing Anxiety: 5 surprising solutions to a growing problem

In a May 2012 interview with Maria LeRose at The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, Dr. Gordon Neufeld shed fresh light on this problem, paving the way for natural interventions that focus on the root causes as opposed…

November 8, 2019
Video Addiction to Technology is Ruining Lives

Author and TED speaker Simon Sinek talks about how addiction to technology is leading to addiction and costing relationships, jobs and personal satisfaction. Video

October 22, 2019