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Learning/ Training Website Inquiry Method

Inquiry is about questions. It is approaching every interaction, every situation, every opportunity with questions about what can be learned in this moment, in this situation, with this person. In the emergent, unpredictable world of complex systems, inquiry is the…

September 15, 2021
Learning/ Training Psychological First Aid and Skills for Psychological Recovery

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network offers Psychological First Aid and Skills for Psychological Recovery in an online format at no cost.  Click here

April 17, 2020
Learning/ Training Being Trauma Aware

“Being Trauma Aware: Making a difference in the lives of children and youth” is now available for free online. As part of the CCAC’s efforts to recognize and prevent child abuse across the province, this first-of-its-kind online trauma-informed training program provides…

February 27, 2020
Learning/ Training Game Changers

The Centre from Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has created new resources called Game Changers to help students start the conversation about cannabis use, alcohol, mental health and to learn about self-care. Resources

January 20, 2020
Learning/ Training Toolkit Community Mental Health Learning Immersion

A Learning Immersion is an engagement and learning process that is mobilized by the knowledge, skills and talents of the people in attendance, in partnership with our team of skilled facilitators, collaborators and innovators. This Learning Immersion is based on…

January 10, 2020
Learning/ Training Community Education Service

The Community Education Service (CES) provides parents/caregivers and other community members with opportunities to access free, public education sessions on child and youth emotional wellness and health topics. More Information See all current sessions

October 8, 2019
Guide Learning/ Training Toolkit Building a Successful Coalition Conversation Guide

This resource has been created to support coalitions in having conversations that will make their coalition stronger and more sustainable.  Conversations for Coalitions' Success

August 2, 2019
Learning/ Training Website ARPA Online Benefits Hub

Alberta Recreation and Parks Association manages the Benefit Hub, which is an online database of research and resources organized around four main categories including personal benefits, social benefits, economic benefits and environmental benefits.  On the online hub, you are able…

February 6, 2019
Learning/ Training Website Recovery College

"Where real people with real experiences share what works." Recovery College is an educational peer support program. They offer courses that help people recognize and develop resourcefulness to support themselves or loved ones. All courses are co-developed and co-delivered by…

December 5, 2018