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Guide The Essential Guide to Doing Transition

What is Transition? "Transition is a movement that has been growing since 2005. It is about communities stepping up to address the big challenges they face by starting local. By coming together, they are able to create solutions together. They…

November 18, 2021
Guide Guide to Sharing Circles

The intention of creating a sacred space- The Sharing Circle basic recipe is very simple but is open to lots of additional personal flavour.  Schools, families, colleagues, friends, support groups and even complete strangers can all benefit and so we…

September 24, 2021
Guide Questions for Connection

In order to foster wellbeing within ourselves and within our communities, we must nourish six types of connection: Connection to body and self Connection to family, friends, and community Connection to land and ground Connection to the sacred Connection to…

September 15, 2021
Guide Self-Location Guide

Indigenous-based methods are about how you can approach your work with a relational lens. To incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing and being into RECOVER, we try to centre intentional relationship-ing. This means it is important to become conscious of how…

September 15, 2021
Guide Toolkit Suicide Prevention Trainings

In a recent webinar, many folks were discussing the various suicide prevention training programs that exist within Alberta. In order to help provide more information on these trainings and to help aid in decision-making on which trainings you might like…

March 12, 2021
Guide Meaningfully Engaging Youth (Tamarack)

Supporting the intentional engagement of different groups or demographics is a complex but integral component of our community development work. Throughout various training and network events, we have heard many folks express interest in meaningfully engaging youth. Tamarack has co-created…

February 18, 2021
Guide Asset Based Community Development: A Resident’s Guide

There are so many resources on Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) for professionals. The Tamarack Institute decided to write one specifically for residents, called Asset-Based Community Development - How to Get Started. Guide

July 23, 2020
Guide Neighborhood Block Party

The City of Edmonton has created a resource that can be used as a template for communities to plan block party. With support of the town or city, people can apply to have their neighborhood closed off from traffic to…

June 3, 2020
Guide Publication Adverse Childhood Experiences

Policywise for Children and Families has completed a literature review and a series of interviews regarding current evidence and knowledge on effective approaches to identify and assess individuals’ experiences of childhood adversity. The next steps in this joint project with…

February 27, 2020
Article Guide Toolkit Substance Use Stigma Resources

New substance use stigma resources are now available on the Government of Canada website. This includes: Communicating about Substance Use in Compassionate, Safe and Non-Stigmatizing Ways A Primer to Reduce Substance Use Stigma in the Canadian Health System Infographic Reducing…

February 26, 2020
Guide Community Readiness

The Community Readiness Model is an innovative and widely embraced approach to determining a community’s stage of readiness to address a particular community issue and match that stage with an appropriate intervention. The accompanying study published in the Journal of…

January 20, 2020
Guide Canadian 24 Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth

Developed by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, these guidelines are designed to inform decisions that Canadians make about being active to improve their health. They include 24 hour movement and activity guidelines for 0-4 years, 5 to 17 years,…

January 14, 2020
Guide The Search Institute: The 4S’s Interview

How can you get to know young people in your class or group quickly and deeply?  We know that building developmental relationships is critical to young people's development. But we also know that at the start of a new school or program…

October 8, 2019
Guide Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Affordable Housing

Along with worksheets, this guide outlines cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable best practices to develop affordable rental housing.

October 4, 2019
Guide Step-by-Step Guide to Estimating Homelessness

This guide is a cost-conscious, cost-efficient, and reliable method for rural communities looking to obtain and/or improve local data on homelessness and service needs within the community.

October 4, 2019
Guide Website Age-Friendly Communities

Health Canada states that in an age-friendly community, the policies, services and structures related to the physical and social environment are designed to help seniors "age actively." In other words, the community is set up to help seniors live safely,…

September 26, 2019
Guide Mental Health Training Framework

Mental Health Training Framework (Check back later for more details)

August 27, 2019
Guide Learning/ Training Toolkit Building a Successful Coalition Conversation Guide

This resource has been created to support coalitions in having conversations that will make their coalition stronger and more sustainable.  Conversations for Coalitions' Success

August 2, 2019
Guide Toolkit Bell Let’s Talk Day Toolkit

The Bell Let's Talk Toolkit provides tools to help engage others in conversations surrounding mental health and reducing stigma: Conversation Guide Workplace Tips  

February 28, 2019