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Learning/ Training Game Changers

The Centre from Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has created new resources called Game Changers to help students start the conversation about cannabis use, alcohol, mental health and to learn about self-care. Resources

January 20, 2020
Article Video Webinars Website Infant Mental Health Promotion

Infant Mental Health Promotion (IMHP) is a coalition of individuals and professional representatives from agencies concerned with infants and their families. IMHP is dedicated to promoting optimal mental health outcomes for infants through developing and supporting best practices through education…

November 25, 2019
Toolkit Webinars NCCIH Resources Booklet 2019

The National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health has released their resources booklet for 2019. Resources include information on the social determinants of health, child, youth and family health and emerging priorities in public, as well as listing of podcasts, webinars,…

October 8, 2019
General Life Needs Assessment Request

Looking to develop affordable housing in your community? ARDN is also helping communities develop a 'Lite' Needs Assessment for $3,850. This assessment can help you initiate the process of developing affordable housing in your community and highlight the key need to…

October 4, 2019
Guide Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Affordable Housing

Along with worksheets, this guide outlines cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable best practices to develop affordable rental housing.

October 4, 2019
Guide Step-by-Step Guide to Estimating Homelessness

This guide is a cost-conscious, cost-efficient, and reliable method for rural communities looking to obtain and/or improve local data on homelessness and service needs within the community.

October 4, 2019
Phoneline Website 211 Alberta

211 is a 24-hour Alberta wide information and referral service to the public and provides data on service gaps, emerging needs etc. to stakeholders.  You can dial 2-1-1 to speak to an Information & Referral Specialist or Visit 211 Alberta for the online…

December 4, 2018