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NEED HELP? Call the FREE 24/7 Mental Health Help Line at 1-877-303-2642

Missed a Webinar? 

View the recordings below:


Métis 101: A People, A Language, A History (June 10, 2021)

Learn about the history of the Métis and the programs and services offered by the Métis Nation of Alberta.
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Buddying Up for Men’s Suicide Prevention (May 27, 2021)

Information about Buddy Up, a men’s suicide prevention communications campaign.
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Backbone Organization Information Session (May 7, 2021)

Opportunity for Backbones to learn more about their role and responsibilities, the Rural Mental Health Project, funding streams, Community Grants, and the work Animators are doing.
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Men’s Sheds (April 19, 2021)

Information about Men’s Shed’s from Doug Mackie.
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Primary Care Network (March 23, 2021)

Local improvement teams supporting mental health for youth aged 12-24.
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Animating and Community Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Feb 4, 2021)

Workshop to discuss COVID-19 conscious community outreach strategies, share resources, and brainstorm together as a group. 
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OSI-CAN Peer Support Webinar (Jan 19, 2021)

Learn about the OSI-CAN project which offers PTSD and Occupational Stress Injury (OSI) peer support programs for first responders across Alberta.
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Togetherall Webinar (Jan 7, 2021)

Endorsed by Alberta Health Services and paid for by the Alberta Government, Togetherall is a clinically moderated, online peer-to-peer mental health community that empowers individuals to anonymously seek and provide support 24/7. Best of all, Togetherall is FREE to ALL Albertans aged 16+!  
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