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Animators, Coalitions & Transformational Road Maps

The design, implementation and evaluation of Rural Mental Health project is being done collaboratively with strategic partnerships, to ground approaches in rural and indigenous worldviews. The principles that guide our work include being community-driven, building on existing strengths, using wholistic approaches, while considering the full lifespan of our communities. Our approach has two key elements:

Community Animators & Action Plans
Anchoring the project is the training of local Animators and the development Action Plans, through a community engagement process. Local community Animators in participating rural and remote communities are provided training and support. Training enables Animators to convene local stakeholders, including community members and elders, agencies, educators, and community associations, to collectively scan the current mental health and addictions landscape. Together, Coalitions can set-direction, generate solutions, and implement a transformational roadmap dedicated to supporting a mentally health community. Roadmaps will include action plans that strengthen the pillars supporting a mentally healthy community. This will identify: existing services, community strengths and opportunities, promising practices, and a set of key
strategic activities to consider over the next three years and beyond.

Community Animators are recruited through a local community-based organization. Connecting Animators to a local backbone organization will ensure the community continues to be engaged in developing and growing its capacities. Animators will be connected to a Rural Mental Health Network to facilitate shared learning and experience.

Rural Mental Health Network
A Rural Mental Health Network is connecting Animators and coalitions across Alberta. Together, communities can learn and share, while drawing on collective experience to identify existing capacity, systemic issues, and common themes in the rural mental health and community wellness landscape. Working together, communities can create new or better pathways to access existing corridors of care, facilitate shared learning, problem-solving, and emerging practice. The Network is an access point for additional training, resources, and funding. It is also a way of coordinating and creating efficient pathways to offer training, services, campaigns, and more.

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Brief Timeline of the Rural Mental Health Project