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NEED HELP? Call the FREE 24/7 Mental Health Help Line at 1-877-303-2642

Who can apply?

To be eligible for the RMH Community Grants, communities must have an active Animator (who has completed all modules of Animator training) and a Backbone organization. If you are not a trained Animator, click here to get involved with the project.

  • We encourage Animators to use the same Backbone support for Training and the Community Grants.
  • AHS and Health Advisory Councils are not able to be Backbone organizations.


What projects are supported?

Generally, projects focusing exclusively on existing service provision are not eligible for the RMH Community Grants. If your project aims to provide mental health services (e.g. clinical forms of counselling), please contact us before applying.

  • Projects may be offered by organizations who provide services if the project is community-led and the grant is to expand outreach.

Pre-existing programs are not eligible for funding, but Animators may apply to expand on an existing community-driven program.

Projects must be tailored to specific communities (i.e. cannot copy-paste same project across several communities in the same county). Animators from the same region are encouraged to submit an application together (Multi-Community Grant) if their respective communities will benefit from the same project, however they must demonstrate that their project will be collaborative and citizen-led.

All projects must adhere to applicable municipal, provincial, and federal guidelines regarding COVID-19 safety.


How long is the grant term?

Grant term lengths vary. Each applicant/community may only receive one grant per funding cycle. Projects funded in the pilot year (2021) may be eligible to apply for funding in the next grant cycle (2022) for an expansion of the project. Additional funding is not guaranteed and is dependent on demonstrating growth and impact of the initial project.