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UCeed is a pre-seed investment fund utilizing loans and equity investments to accelerate transformational impact in our communities. 


  • Social enterprises including, non-profits, for-profit, charities, and cooperatives with demonstrable community benefit commercializing evidence-based solutions to issues.
  • UCeed Social Impact is open to a broad interpretation of social impact; however, priority will be given to opportunities that address pressing local and international issues. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a useful reference.
  • Must be incorporated prior to receipt of funds.
  • Minimum one (1) full-time employee within six (6) months of UCeed investment.


The UCeed Social Impact Fund has a minimum of three intake periods per year. The application deadlines are defined for the next two intake periods. To be guaranteed for funding consideration in the respective period, applications must be submitted by: April 30, 2021, September 30, 2021.