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Funding under the Bursary and Training programs is available to social service charities and early childhood education and care charities in Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Bursary Programs: 

There are two streams of funding available under the Foundation’s bursary funding program – the Muttart Bursary Program and the Leadership Bursary Program. 

Often groups do not have the resources available to provide professional development opportunities for staff and key volunteers. Through its two bursary programs, the Foundation awards grants to pay for tuition or registration fees for short-term courses, workshops, conferences or other formal training opportunities. The proposed training must include a knowledge or skill component that has the potential to increase the capacity of the individual staff member or key volunteer to contribute to meeting the organization’s mission. 

Training Program: 

Through this funding program the Foundation will consider applications that brings together two or more charities to undertake a joint training initiative that would address a specific training need for those organization’s staff or key volunteers. The proposed training initiative must include a knowledge or skill component that has the potential to increase the capacity of individual staff members or key volunteers to contribute to meeting their organization’s mission (i.e. cultural awareness, suicide prevention, child development, accounting, database development, etc.).