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Grassroots Grants help people implement their own small acts of community, right in the communities where they live, by offering small amounts of money for project expenses. Open to Calgary and area, defined as: Calgary, Banff National Park, Rocky View County, the Municipal Districts of Big Horn, Foothills, Kananaskis and Wheatland, and the surrounding First Nations of Treaty 7 territory. 

The small acts of community can be projects such as:

  • Build a stage at your local community garden
  • Offer a free class in something you love to do – maybe dance or coding or beading
  • Organize a bike tune-up day
  • Paint a community mural
  • Run a cultural sharing event

There are several granting streams: 

Stepping Stones encourages active citizenship by helping grassroots community groups undertake small creative projects that build a sense of inclusive belonging in local communities.

  • up to $1,000
  • ongoing intake (no set deadlines)

Neighbour Grants aim to help people build their sense of inclusive belonging in their own neighbourhoods and communities.

  • up to $7,500
  • ongoing intake