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NEED HELP? Call the FREE 24/7 Mental Health Help Line at 1-877-303-2642

By starting a community newspaper, this project aims to promote a sense of community, enhance community engagement and connection, strengthen community partnerships, and increase awareness of the resources and services that exist in Grande Cache. A community-wide survey and community capacity assessment identified that re-establishing a local newspaper would help to start a conversation about mental health and foster connections between community members, services, schools, businesses, and local government. The content of the newspaper will focus on community stories, with community members, schools, service providers, faith groups, and local businesses welcome to contribute to the newspaper content. The publication will be available online and print, with local youth hired to distribute the print version.


This community newspaper connected the community by it is Home Delivery Service has exceeded our expectations. This has become a key asset for keeping community connected and sense of belonging, being community driven means, we encourage the businesses, organizations, and local community members to contribute content so we can distribute it among the community. We are still changing the mind set of the community from “what’s wrong to what’s strong.” It is always great to hear that community has taken ownership of the newspaper and are calling “their community newspaper”



Grande Cache, AB Canada


Yvonne Rempel

Sonia Paquette


$ 39760

Individual Community Grant