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NEED HELP? Call the FREE 24/7 Mental Health Help Line at 1-877-303-2642

How Training Works

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA AB) is hosting the Rural Mental Health Project (RMHP). The aim of the project is to enable rural and remote municipalities to improve mental health outcomes by building local capacity and action teams. The RMHP offers free training and funding to community members across Alberta who want to be a Community Animator and start a conversation about mental health and wellbeing in their community. 

Animator Training Is:Isnt

The RMHP uses the 8 Domain model, adapted from the social determinants of health, to describe and illustrate the different features of our communities that impact our mental health. Upstream approaches that target these domains in our communities can reduce the need and demand for services, tackling the complexity of community mental health in a holistic way.


Training Overview

Training is comprised of 7 modules. Modules 1 and 2 are online (~10 hours to complete), they are self-directed and expected to be completed before the remaining modules. Animators are then brought together for live training in Modules 3-6 (each module involves one day of training), these live training sessions are held via Zoom for four days. There is a month separation between Modules 3+4 and Modules 5+6. Module 7 is online and self-directed. It will be released at the end of Module 6

  • Module 1 (Online Self-Directed): Understanding the Rural Mental Health Project and Network
  • Module 2 (Online Self-Directed): Learning About Community
  • Module 3 (Virtual): Your Community Journey – Preparing for the Trip
  • Module 4 (Virtual): Healthy Community Impact
  • Module 5 (Virtual): Growing Community Connections
  • Module 6 (Virtual): Working Collectively
  • Module 7 (Online Self-Directed): Supporting Community Initiatives


After Training

After completing Module 7, Animators will receive a Certificate of Completion and the funding will be transferred to the backbone organization supporting the Animator. The grant term is 1 year from the start of training and a summary report will be due at the end of the term.

Once an Animator has completed training, they have access to all RMH Network events and are eligible to apply for RMH Community Grants.



CMHA AB will provide the following support to community Animators through their local community-based organization (backbone organization). The Table below provides an overview of how project funds can be used to support Animator Training through two different funding streams. If a local agency would like to cover Animator training salary as an in-kind expense, we recommend the Micro-grant funding stream.





Live Virtual Training


Homework and  Animator Meetings


Online Training


Animator Facilitation in community



Community Travel &  Discretionary Fund