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A collection of external funding opportunities to support your community work. Click on the name of the grant to see a quick summary of its intent and deadlines, when available. Be sure to check the website of each funding source to learn about the deadlines and requirements. To learn about the grants that we offer exclusively to Community Animators, go to "RMH Community Grants" under the Funding tab.

Title Organization Amount Actions
AgriSpirit Fund Farm Credit Canada $5,000 to $25,000 Link

The FCC AgriSpirit Fund provides funding towards community development projects that enhance lives of residents or contributes to sustainability. The FCC AgriSpirit Fund may provide between $5,000 to $25,000 to projects that qualify in a city, town, or Indigenous community with fewer than 150,000 people. Applications will open again in March 2022.


  • Upgrades to a community building such as a childcare facility or sportsplex
  • The purchase of fire and rescue equipment
  • Installing new windows in a recreation centre
  • Purchasing capital items for a recycling facility
Alberta Culture Days Government of Alberta Varied Link

Alberta Culture Days funding assistance is designed to support Alberta Culture Days activities, events and promotions that engage public participation and inspire future involvement.

The grant is now closed. 

Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund Bell $5,000 to $25,000 Link

As part of the Bell Let’s Talk mental health initiative, the Community Fund provides annual donations of up to $25,000 to charitable organizations to fund mental health services and supports in communities across Canada.

The 2021 Bell Let's Talk Community Fund grant application window is now closed and will re-open in January 2022.

Built Together Healthy Communities Grant Program Alberta Blue Cross $50,000 Link

The Built Together Healthy Communities Grant Program was created to help Albertans build spaces for active living in their community. Recipients receive a one-time $50,000 grant to fund an infrastructure project in their community. The application process is open June 1 to September 30.

Sample Projects:

  • construction or replacement of children’s playgrounds,
  • outdoor adult gyms,
  • cycling paths, and
  • recreational facility improvements.
Canada Council Grants Canada Council for the Arts Varied Link

The Canada Council for the Arts awards grants to artists, groups and arts organizations. The Council's mandate is to foster and promote the study, enjoyment, and production of works in the arts. The Council gives grants for the creation, promotion and dissemination of art and literature, as well as for the development of the arts sector. Grants may also be used to cover the costs of travel, touring and professional development activities associated with producing art and presenting it to the public. 

Canada Healthy Communities Initiative Community Foundations of Canada up to $250,000 Link

The Healthy Communities Initiative is a $31 million investment from the Government of Canada to transform public spaces in response to COVID-19. 

The application portal is now closed.

Catherine Donnelly Grant for Housing Initiatives Catherine Donnelly Foundation Varied Link

The Foundation will consider applications for projects that address homelessness and the scandalous lack of affordable housing through research, policy development, capacity building and advocacy within the sector. We want to hear from groups engaged in collective efforts to examine and craft solutions for the root causes of Canada's housing crisis. We particularly want to support innovative and cutting edge projects that give priority to Indigenous Peoples and to newcomer/refugee/immigrant communities.

The Catherine Donnelly Foundation reviews grant requests twice yearly (spring & fall) and operates with a two stage application review process:

  1. Letter of Inquiry (pre-proposal inquiry) and an
  2. Invited Applicant (full application process)


Civil Society Fund Government of Alberta up to $1,500,000 Link

The new Civil Society Fund (CSF) provides $20 million over 3 years to expand civil society’s capacity to address social problems for Albertans. Organizations can apply for a one-time grant to support an effective and sustainable recovery of the civil society sector.

Funding for 2020-21 is being provided to 21 civil society organizations across the province. Successful grant recipients are providing services to support civil society’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Information on the next application intake will be posted on their website once available. 

Proposals must demonstrate how the project can support transformational change for their organization or the broader civil society sector. Transformational change involves significantly expanding the capacity of civil society to address pressing social issues. Civil society includes non-profit and voluntary organizations, registered charities, informal groups or movements pursuing shared interests or values and private-sector organizations and individuals pursuing social good. 

Organizations applying for funding must demonstrate that their proposed project aligns with at least one of the following priority areas:

  • system infrastructure
  • civil society research and data
  • organizational transformation
  • financial sustainability and resilience
Community Agricultural Grant Peavey Mart up to $100,000 Link

This annual grant works to leverage the meaningful work happening in your backyard, everyday, whether it is a community garden project, funding for research, or to address the complexities that come with food insecurity.

The Community Agriculture Grant opens annually for submission on March 1st, and the deadline for applications is May 31st.

Community Facility Enhancement Program Government of Alberta Varied Link

CFEP funding provides financial assistance to acquire, build, purchase, repair, renovate, upgrade or expand sports, recreational, cultural or other related public-use community facilities.

CFEP outcomes are to:

  • enhance the lifespan and support the creation of public-use community facilities
  • stimulate economic activity across the province

CFEP has 2 funding streams:

  • Small Funding Stream (up to $10,000 non-matching and $125,000 matching)
  • Large Funding Stream ($125,001 to $1 million)

Application deadlines: 

  • CFEP Small Funding Stream: January 15, May 15, September 15

Projects must be completed within 18 months from the date the cheque is received by the organization.

  • CFEP Large Funding Stream: June 15

Projects must be completed and reporting must be submitted within 30 months from the start date of the signed grant agreement.

Community Foundation Project Grants Canada Post Community Foundation up to $25,000 Link

The Community Foundation awards grants to Canadian schools, charities, and community organizations that make a difference in the lives of children and youth, up to the age of 21. For Community-based projects, the grant will support projects that increase the capacity of an organization. Such projects create or expand services rather than maintaining existing services, for example purchasing new equipment or launching new programs. 

Project grants can total up to $25,000 each. 

The next round of funding will open in March 2022. 

Community Foundations of Canada Community Foundations of Canada Varied Link

Community Foundations of Canada provides grants and other investments for towards local priorities such as  shelter, education, arts, environment and recreation. 

Grant applications vary according to regional Community Foundations. You can find the nearest Community Foundation here

Community Grants Calgary Foundation up to $75,000 Link

The Community Grants program is aimed at strengthening the charitable sector and engaging citizens. 

Eligible activities:

  • Programming: Costs associated with the development, delivery, or evaluation of new programs or expansion of existing programs. Includes: salaries, program materials and equipment, spaces, promotion, etc.
  • Capacity Building: Costs associated with strengthening the organization’s ability to deliver on its charitable mission. Includes: staff wellness strategies, consultant fees, professional development, organizational assessments, costs associated with organizational mergers, technology, specialized equipment, etc.
  • Existing Programming: (Only for organizations with an operating budget less than $8M.) Costs associated with the delivery of current or ongoing programming. Includes: salaries, program materials, promotion, administration, etc. Where there is financial need because of a downturn in revenue income or increase in expenses due to the pandemic.

The proposed initiative must significantly benefit Calgary and area communities, which includes Calgary, Banff National Park, Canmore, Rocky View County, the Municipal Districts of Big Horn, Foothills, Kananaskis and Wheatland, and the surrounding First Nations of Treaty 7 territory.

The current application deadline is currently closed.

Community Impact Grant Program Home Depot Varied Link

The Home Depot Community Impact Grant Program provides grants for affordable housing, community-based improvement projects and/or emergency response because of COVID-19 that benefit Canadians in need. Preference will be given to repair, renovation and/or improvement projects to housing and/or other support facilities such as employment services for homeless youth.

Check back in Spring 2022.

Community Initiative Project Grant Government of Alberta up to $75,000 Link

The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) provides funding for organizations that create opportunities for Albertans to engage with and help develop their communities. There are multiple intake deadlines throughout the year. 

CIP outcomes are to:

  • strengthen leadership and organizational capacity of community organizations
  • support community-driven goals that have a public benefit
Community Spaces Funding Co-op between $25,000 and $150,000 Link

The Co-op Community Spaces Program was established to improve community health and well-being by building places for Western Canadians to come together, build social connections and enable community development.

Projects can apply for between $25,000 and $150,000 in capital funding in three categories: Recreation, Environmental Conservation, and Urban Agriculture. 

Applications for 2022 are now closed.

Emerald Youth Grants Alberta Emerald Foundation $750 Link

The Emerald Youth Grant program empowers students and youth (under 25) to make their dream environmental projects a reality. 

Federal Community Housing Initiative Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Varied Link

The Federal Community Housing Initiative is a $500 million fund to support federally administered community housing projects reaching the end of their operating agreements from past social and affordable housing programs.

The initiative has two phases:

  • FCHI-Phase 1, provided $38 million in federal funding over a two-year period.
  • FCHI-Phase 2 will provide $462 million in funding from September 1, 2020 to March 31, 2028.

The two FCHI-2 funding streams are:

  1. Rental Assistance: The rental assistance stream provides financial assistance for low-income households. Housing providers may apply for this rental support, which aims to fund the gap between 30% of an assisted household’s gross monthly income and the occupancy charge.
  2. Transitional Funding: The transitional funding stream is available to housing providers having trouble transitioning to the new program. The temporary funding will cover eligible operating costs for up to 24 months following the expiration of past federal agreements. This funding stream has a limited budget and is reserved for the most vulnerable groups, such as deep subsidy projects or urban Indigenous projects. Transitional funding is provided alongside the rental assistance stream as a separate, additional form of assistance.

Once the transitional funding ends, housing providers will continue to receive rental assistance until the end of the FCHI-2 agreement.

Grassroots Grants Calgary Foundation up to $1,000 Link

Grassroots Grants help people implement their own small acts of community, right in the communities where they live, by offering small amounts of money for project expenses. Open to Calgary and area, defined as: Calgary, Banff National Park, Rocky View County, the Municipal Districts of Big Horn, Foothills, Kananaskis and Wheatland, and the surrounding First Nations of Treaty 7 territory. 

The small acts of community can be projects such as:

  • Build a stage at your local community garden
  • Offer a free class in something you love to do – maybe dance or coding or beading
  • Organize a bike tune-up day
  • Paint a community mural
  • Run a cultural sharing event

There are several granting streams: 

Stepping Stones encourages active citizenship by helping grassroots community groups undertake small creative projects that build a sense of inclusive belonging in local communities.

  • up to $1,000
  • ongoing intake (no set deadlines)

Neighbour Grants aim to help people build their sense of inclusive belonging in their own neighbourhoods and communities.

  • up to $7,500
  • ongoing intake
Inclusive Communities Funding CIBC Varied Link

CIBC offers corporate donations and sponsorships. 

CIBC will consider funding for:

  • Canadian registered charities or non-profit organizations that use the funds within Canada
  • Organizations with audited financial statements, sound financial practices, and a sustainable funding model
  • Projects or programs that are aligned to one of our three focus areas:
    • Cancer: organizations that deliver research, diagnosis, treatment and wellness for all types of cancers
    • Inclusive communities: innovative solutions focused on peoples with disabilities, Indigenous peoples and the Black community
    • Financial education: initiatives that help people develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of financial well-being

Corporate donation requests are accepted year-round, but are reviewed annually between January to October.

CIBC Children’s Foundation will consider funding for:

  • Canadian registered charities that use funds within Canada
  • Projects or programs that directly support children in need — under the age of 14
  • Projects or programs that have a record of achievement or potential for success in line with our overall goals
  • Projects and programs that address a community need and provide direct impact to the community served
  • Projects and programs that include planned outcomes, supported by a measurement and evaluation process
  • Requests that include financial statements for the charitable organization, sound financial practices, a sustainable funding model and a program budget

CIBC Children’s Foundation applications are accepted year-round, but are reviewed annually between February to May.

Local Food and Infrastructure Fund Government of Canada Varied Link

The Local Food Infrastructure Fund is a five-year, $50 million initiative ending March 31, 2024. The program is part of the Government of Canada's Food Policy which is Canada's roadmap for a healthier and more sustainable food system in Canada. The program aims to strengthen food systems and to facilitate access to safe and nutritious food for at-risk populations. 

Applications will be accepted until December 31, 2023 (or an earlier date) based on funding availability. Phase 2 application intake is temporarily closed due to amount of applications. Applicants may submit a proposal for a minimum ask of $5,000 to a maximum ask of $250,000. Project activities must be completed by March 31, 2024.

Muttart Foundation Bursary and Training Programs The Muttart Foundation Varied Link

Funding under the Bursary and Training programs is available to social service charities and early childhood education and care charities in Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Bursary Programs: 

There are two streams of funding available under the Foundation’s bursary funding program – the Muttart Bursary Program and the Leadership Bursary Program. 

Often groups do not have the resources available to provide professional development opportunities for staff and key volunteers. Through its two bursary programs, the Foundation awards grants to pay for tuition or registration fees for short-term courses, workshops, conferences or other formal training opportunities. The proposed training must include a knowledge or skill component that has the potential to increase the capacity of the individual staff member or key volunteer to contribute to meeting the organization’s mission. 

Training Program: 

Through this funding program the Foundation will consider applications that brings together two or more charities to undertake a joint training initiative that would address a specific training need for those organization’s staff or key volunteers. The proposed training initiative must include a knowledge or skill component that has the potential to increase the capacity of individual staff members or key volunteers to contribute to meeting their organization’s mission (i.e. cultural awareness, suicide prevention, child development, accounting, database development, etc.). 

Peavey Industries Rooted In Community Endowment Program Peavey Mart Varied Link

This is an ongoing small funding opportunity (over $150) to help big ideas take root by supporting organizations working towards three pillars: 

  • Cultivation – “preparing the ground for high yields”; seed money for research, utilization of new technology to address food security
  • Activation – Community development through agriculture, gardening, working to build and sustain the places we live, work and play on.
  • Participation – opportunities to leverage engagement through your public/community events by way of the donation of merchandise, gift cards, etc. 


Smart and Caring Grants Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta Varied Link

Smart and Caring Grants support communities across Southeastern Alberta by enhancing belonging of all citizens and strengthening the nonprofit and voluntary sectors. Grants are awarded based on potential impact and fund availability.

Organizations who are registered with CRA as a qualified donee or apply in partnership with a qualified donee are eligible to apply. 

The current priorities, in particular order, are Mental Health, Work & Economy and Vulnerable Populations – particularly youth & substance abuse.

Spring Grant Cycle: March 15

Fall Grant Cycle: September 15

Strathcona County Community Grants Strathcona County up to $2,000 Link

Community Connection grants encourage residents to engage in local activities that promote resilience, well-being and community connections in a way that meets Alberta Health Services COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. Micro grants of up to $350 are intended to increase social connection and a sense of support between residents in Strathcona County. Applications for Community Connection Grants are now closed. Applications for 2022 will be open this spring.


  • Deliver potted flowers to neighbours who are in need or have minimal social connections.
  • Engage neighbourhood children to create caring and hopeful chalk message.
  • Offer an arts and crafts or "paint night" workshop online and use the grant to help offset supply costs.
  • Set up a virtual games night with prizes for the winners.

Community Change Grants support innovative, creative projects that bring people together for positive community change, while increasing social connection and inclusion in Strathcona County. Grants of up to $2,000 are available to supplement resident-led innovative, non-traditional ideas that focus on emerging opportunities in the community. Applications for Community Change grants are now closed. Applications for 2022 will be open this spring.


  • Sewing non-medical masks for vulnerable residents
  • Enhancing a neighbourhood's safety or character
  • Building and maintaining a community pantry or little library
  • Set up a time share - skills swap
UCeed Social Impact Fund Innovate Calgary $30,000 to $300,000 Link

UCeed is a pre-seed investment fund utilizing loans and equity investments to accelerate transformational impact in our communities. 


  • Social enterprises including non-profits, for-profit, charities, and cooperatives with demonstrable community benefit commercializing evidence-based solutions to issues.
  • UCeed Social Impact is open to a broad interpretation of social impact; however, priority will be given to opportunities that address pressing local and international issues. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a useful reference.
  • Must be incorporated prior to receipt of funds.
  • Minimum one (1) full-time employee within six (6) months of UCeed investment.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The UCeed Social Impact Fund has four investment advisory meetings per year. To be guaranteed consideration in upcoming intake periods, applications must be submitted by the following deadline: December 17, 2021 (round 3).