Relationships are at the core of all the work we that we do in communities. They can aid us along our journeys in many ways. They can teach things we didn’t’ realize we needed to know. They can also support us during our struggles or create roadblocks that we have to contend with. Relationships are huge part of our personal, professional, and community lives. 

If you’re willing, please share a little bit about a new or changing relationship that has stood out in your mind and is making an impact on you or your efforts.

Underlying Goal: Our goal is also to stay curious about the people we connect with, their ideas, and how to get everyone meaningfully involved in a way that makes sense. Learning about the different and similar relationships that others are going though could also be a gateway to ask follow up questions or reach out to other Animators learn more, encourage, or share insight on what worked for you in a similar context. 

Jessica Turowski Asked question August 1, 2019