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CMHA Alberta will be hosting the Working Stronger Workplace Mental Health Conference : Working Stronger • Work/Life Balance: Fact or Fiction? designed to improve mental health outcomes in Alberta workplaces. 

Conference streams:

  • Workplace & Personal Wellness
  • Voice of Lived Experience
  • Occupational Health & Safety and the Law

Keynote speakers:

Darby Allen 

Former Fort McMurray Fire Chief Darby Allen speaks about the mental health concerns faced by so many from Fort McMurray after the fire and delves in to his own experience, speaking to how some first responders and members of the public continue their work to process the trauma and get to a place of acceptance.

Stéphane Grenier

Stéphane Grenier tells his story from the day he landed in the midst of the Rwandan genocide, through his journey of changing mental health culture in the Canadian military, developing national Guidelines for Peer Support with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, to creating Mental Health Innovations (MHI).

Michelle Hollins

Madam Justice Michele Hollins practiced civil and commercial litigation until her appointment to the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta in 2017. Prior to and since her judicial appointment, Justice Hollins has been speaking publicly about her own journey with mental health in the hopes of encouraging people to often and openly seek and offer support.

Find out more and Register here