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As cities harness the assets of their communities, they are finding new ways to end poverty. Increasingly, they are seeing poverty as a comprehensive issue, are advancing their understanding of critical issues across sectors, and are considering the systemic changes that must occur in order to eliminate it.

Over our two and a half days together, you will learn from inspiring keynotes and peer leaders, take part in interactive workshops, and engage in an energizing cultural celebration. 

Together we will learn to:

•   Reconnect  your passion for helping others and energizing your community
•   Understand what it takes to move from an emerging state to a sustainable community-wide initiative
•   Create a large-scale common agenda and form multi-sector leadership teams for your collaborative efforts
•   Harness the latest techniques for community engagement and effective communication
•   Involve those who will benefit most from the change you hope to see
•   How to influence the policy environment and align your work with Canada’s first poverty reduction strategy

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