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Words like “Whole Child” and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) have become very popular in education circles in the past few years.

But taking into account all the different things that young people need to learn and grow–both in school and outside of school–is challenging.

More than two decades of research, from multiple fields and resources, demonstrate that implementing social and emotional learning with young people gets results. SEL interventions have been shown to increase academic achievement, lower dropout rates and decrease behavioural issues.

But how do we measure something that’s traditionally viewed as a “soft skill”? Join us as we learn about one of the social-emotional measurement tools used at Search Institute and how it can benefit your school or program.

In this webinar, we’ll talk with Justin Roskopf, a Search Institute Senior Research Associate.  He will tell us what schools and programs need to apply a quick and valid measure in young people’s lives to help them be and become their best selves.