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Conference planning is underway for RMH 2020! After the success of the first year, we’re expecting a bigger crowd and have moved to a bigger facility. We hope to see you April 29-May 1 2020 at the Heritage Inn and Convention Centre in Brooks

The RMH Conference aims to:

  • Celebrate programs being implemented in rural areas.
  • Share ideas/practices and build capacity of rural health care providers.

  • Bring delegates from across the province to Brooks to showcase our programs/facilities.

  • Raise the profile and awareness of rural mental health and form relationships with other communities to advance the practice.

The Rural Mental Health Conference was first held in 2018.  Conference organizers believe that rural communities and mental health care workers face unique challenges and must employ unique solutions to help their communities succeed.

The RMH Conference will start at 12:00pm on April 29th and last until 2:00pm on May 1st.  The program includes a mixture of keynote speakers, breakout sessions and networking opportunities. Registration Opens February 1, 2020

Register online and view the full conference agenda