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While there is growing consensus that it “takes a village” to ensure the partnerships and impact that are essential for healthy, strong, and vibrant communities, we sometimes struggle with how to make that a reality. We do know that ensuring impactful and relevant programs, services, and initiatives requires strong local leaders, citizen engagement, and a community development approach. This practical and interactive workshop will share a number of key resources and tools that both emerging and seasoned leaders will be able to apply in their own organizations and communities in order to mobilize and lever existing assets.

Upon completion of the workshop participants will be better able to:
• utilize leadership development activities to help themselves and others learn and grow as community leaders;
• articulate the value and importance of community building, and;
• apply an outcome-driven planning framework that uses a community development approach.

Facilitator Bio:
Brenda Herchmer is a passionate community builder and the owner of Grassroots Enterprises and a social enterprise called Campus for Communities. A speaker, trainer, and community development coach, she is also a blogger and the author of three books. Previously she has worked for Alberta Recreation and Parks Association as the Director of ACE Communities, the City of Niagara Falls, and was a Professor at Niagara College where she also founded and managed the Niagara Centre for Community Leadership. Brenda has been acknowledged as a YWCA Woman of Distinction in Training and Education and won the 2016 Brock University Faculty of Applied Sciences Distinguished Graduate Award.

If you are interested in registering to attend one of the sessions please visit our website to get you started on the registration process: Mobilizing the Village Registration –

Cost: $100 (plus $7.10 Eventbrite fee) for individuals and $75 (plus $5.59 Eventbrite fee) for groups of two or more from the same organization.

Registration deadline is April 30, 2019