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With a general theme of Mental Health on the Prairies: Social Justice, Vulnerability, and Resilience, the conference aims to dig deeper and open the conversation surrounding the factors that impact an individual’s mental health and the community’s collective mental health. Throughout the meeting, panels will be used to bring together stakeholder groups in a large group discussion with a focus on four conference sub-themes. The meeting will conclude with a World Café lunch where participants will discuss community challenges and solutions to mental health promotion and maintenance on the Prairies. Ultimately, the event will draw together the experts on the ground with academic experts across the country to share knowledge and engage in critical conversations about community-based mental health research and solutions. Visit the Program page for more information about the conference schedule.

The deadline for abstracts and presentation outlines submission is now extended. Click the link Abstracts and Presentations for more details.

More information and announcements will be posted on the conference website in the coming months along with program details and conference registration process. We are encouraging you to check the website regularly.

For more information, please contact [email protected]