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Men tend to be left out of the picture when it comes to social issues, mental health etc. It is often more difficult for them to talk about struggles they might be facing. Tough Enough to Talk About It targets men and uses workplace presentations to provide employees with information on how to recognize mental health problems, how to ask about those issues, and how to arrange for help. It is aimed at workers in trades, industry and agriculture, but has benefits for all type of workplaces. Participants will be educated on distress, depression and self-care. Presenters also address the effects of un-managed stress and work to reduce stigmas around mental health.

 Men’s Sheds is a concept of men getting together on a regular basis within their community – they may work on a project, help each other with issues, or help out in the community. The goals for Men’s Sheds are to create connection, reduce isolation, loneliness and depression. I have seen these in other forms (not called Men’s Shed and not specific to working on a project) eg. Viking has a group of men that get together every Tuesday at the Lutheran Church (it is open to everyone though) and they have presentations, chat, have coffee. Once a month they have a men’s lunch. Sometimes it is happening already in a less formalized process and people just need to be made aware of it.

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