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NEED HELP? Call the FREE 24/7 Mental Health Help Line at 1-877-303-2642

Looking for Communication Tools for Neurodiversity and Hearing Impairments

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      Tannia Burelo

      Hello, my name is Tannia and I am the animator for Banff. I am trying to help a coordinator that works at Rocky Mountain Adaptive. She works with kids and adults. The support she is looking for would be for those who are neurodiverse and/or use alternative communication tools, even for those with vision or hearing impairments.

      Also if there are trained professionals that specialize in providing mental health support for people with disabilities (especially those who are neurodiverse) or additional training courses that provide tools for supporting people with disabilities experiencing mental health concerns. These resources would be shared with our community as well as the staff and volunteers.


Viewing 0 reply threads