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Jessica Turowski

Project Manager

Jessica Turowski is the Project Manager for the Rural Mental Health Project with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Division. She endeavors to enable better mental health for all through continual engagement and dialogue with local and provincial stakeholders. She is a champion of systems-thinking and social innovation. Her work focuses on embedding health promotion and community development principles, along with supporting collaboration processes and creating strategic opportunities to tackle the complexity of mental wellness. Jessica has a Master of Public Health in Health Promotion, a BA (Honours) in Psychology, and 10 years of provincial mental health project management.

Reach out to Jessica to chat about:

• Partnerships that leverage our collective efforts
• Social innovation to shift systems
• Collaborative leadership
• Balancing theory and practice
• Positive psychology
• Art in practice and knowledge creation
• Equity

Contact Jessica

Tim Neubauer

Project Coordinator – Training

Tim is the Training Coordinator for the Rural Mental Health Project. He has spent over 28 years involved in community development work (asset-based), psycho-social capacity building in communities following natural and man made disasters and training development and facilitation for organizations across Alberta looking to create psychologically safer workplaces. Passionate about citizen-led community action he is a champion for social movements seeking change at a societal level. 

Reach out to Tim to chat about:

  • Asset Based Community development
  • Mentally healthier workplaces
  • Disaster recovery and collective resilience
  • Psycho-social capacity building
  • Training creation and facilitation
  • Community coaching

Contact Tim

Stefani Chokka

Project Coordinator – Network

Stefani Chokka is the Network Coordinator for the Rural Mental Health Project. With a BSc in Psychology and a Masters of Global Public Health, mental health and wellness have been intricately woven into the backbone of her drive and purpose. Her experience and exposure with the clinical nature of mental health has given her a duality of perspective with her shift in focus to mental wellness, population health and community development. Stefani hopes to always empower and foster growth, equity, passion, and creativity in the work that she does.

Reach out to Stefani about:

  • Network Activities and Inquiries
  • Training Details
  • Backbone Organization Support
  • Culture and equity
  • Creative design

Contact Stefani

Eden McDonald-Yale

Project Coordinator – Grants and Training

Eden is the Grants and Training Coordinator for the Rural Mental Health Project. With a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning, she is passionate about building and maintaining vibrant, healthy, and inclusive communities that evolve with the needs of diverse and changing populations. Eden’s graduate research focused on the impact of the built environment on wellbeing and she has varied experience in community development, research and mapping, library and archival studies, and communications.

Reach out to Eden to chat about:

  • Community Grants Program and other funding questions
  • GIS, mapping, and data management
  • Community-based research and demography

Contact Eden




Rural Mental Health Project

CMHA Alberta Division
320 Ledgeview Business Centre
9707 – 110 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5K 2L9

E-mail: [email protected]