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NEED HELP? Call the FREE 24/7 Mental Health Help Line at 1-877-303-2642

Rural mental health is complex. No two communities are identical, so there is no checklist or prescription that will work for everyone. The Rural Mental Health Project and Network is using a principle-driven approach to guide our actions, behaviours, training, and network so that we are congruent in all that we do.


Our Approach

The Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, municipal governments, and non-governmental organizations are challenged to support communities due to the pace of growth in urban, rural, and remote communities. We all are challenged to think differently about how we each can play a role in working together to support improved mentally healthy communities. In this environment, CMHA Alberta Division continues to strive towards its vision of “mentally healthy people in a healthy society.”

CMHA does not wish to be prescriptive and would like to facilitate network interactions and create greater buy-in through different levels of engagement and membership, shared leadership, and decision making, so that network members are informing decisions and defining goals that are community driven and community-led through collaboration and respect.

CMHA will continue to operate as a backbone, a broad and transparent container, with contributions, definitions of goals and activities defined by the network’s needs, wants, assets and gifts.